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I make sure that the dishwasher and kitchen bin are on either side of the kitchen sink. I like the cutlery drawer to be away from the main action and ideally close to the dining area, so it is easy to access for laying the kitchen table without anyone getting in the way of the cook or the person washing up. Another easy and budget-friendly way to add a pop of colour is by choosing jazzy appliances next time yours need replacing. Repainting your kitchen walls and/or kitchen unit doors is much cheaper than replacing the whole kitchen and, as we said before, can completely transform its look and feel. Coloured tiles can add personality to your kitchen, whereas patterned tiles are better to jazz up what could be a more traditional kitchen, without it becoming overwhelming. We have all of the kitchen planning inspiration and advice you’ll need to help you choose the perfect kitchen for your home and budget.

  • ‘The modern style of kitchen developed out of the 1980s trend for loft or warehouse living, and that has extended into the open-plan living that is now so popular,’ says Keith Atkins, Director of Design at Design Space London.
  • When paired with authentic raw materials, painted furniture creates a durable kitchen environment that is classic in nature, yet contemporary in finish.
  • How brilliant to hide away extra items and free up counter space for cooking – no country kitchen is complete without one.
  • “Cornices, skirting boards and columns or pillars are the final elements of the design. They bring the kitchen together, and are carefully designed to distinguish country kitchens from their more modern counterparts.”
  • Approached with care, kitchens can prove surprisingly receptive to some decorative interest, with a range of kitchen art ideas to choose from.

A stainless steel design will create a contemporary feel or a distinctive black one will make a real statement. Taps add distinctive character to a kitchen and you can change the feel of yours in a jiffy by adding a copper tap or one with white ceramic handles to your kitchen sink ideas. Smart kitchen lighting ideas can make a big impact to a kitchen’s look and feel. Dramatically change the look of your kitchen with stylish kitchen worktop ideas.

Introduce textiles to create an inviting space

If you’re short on storage or simply want to have kitchen essentials close to hand, invest in a spacious ceiling rack for your big, bulky pans and utensils. Integrating appliances can be a costly business but leaving them exposed sometimes means they can spoil the look of your kitchen. Try setting aside an afternoon to sort out your kitchen cupboards, then organise them so you have access to the things you use every day.

kitchen ideas

Make the space feels like two separate rooms without compromising on space by clever zoning. Opt for a glass half partition to keep the room feeling open and allow light to pass through. Treat one section as similar to a prep kitchen, and keep your appliances and larger utensils hidden from casual viewing. Less is more, so instead of filling all available wall space with units, opt for open shelving, which gives a contemporary look and avoids enclosing the space. Opt for narrow and small kitchen table ideas and push it completely against the wall. For seating, combine standard dining chairs with a bench – or two – that you can pull out when needed.

Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Design Elements To suit the space designer Phil has created a great layout which incorporates all the elements of this project brief, with the bulk of amenities centred around a range cooker. Extra storage is provided in tall units that run all the way towards the dining and living area of this property. The theme is comprised of Virginia shaker furniture from British supplier Mereway in colours sea mist and pebble grey.

Create symmetry on your kitchen shelving ideas by hanging in pairs in groups of two, four or six. To make a style statement why not spray paint your baskets in a neon shade to add a pop of colour to your scheme. Whether you want some simple ideas for a quick update or you just need some inspiration around what you can achieve in your space for under £100, we’ve included it all in this jam-packed budget kitchen ideas guide. However, in a long thin kitchen, a well-thought-out kitchen island idea can be the perfect way to add in extra storage and surface space, whilst keeping the kitchen a sociable space. ‘If you do decide on floor-to-ceiling cabinets, these should only be fitted with glass door display cabinets. This will open up the space in a way that opaque cabinetry will not in a smaller kitchen,’ explains Tom Howley.


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