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If you want a kitchen that’s warm and cosy try using natural woods. The natural elements in this kitchen complement each other effortlessly and make this kitchen look modern and eclectic. The retro ceiling pendant light is a fun, youthful addition and brings the room to life. It’s also super functional and high-tech, with a storage solution for small kitchens and a small but comfortable island. When you don’t have a lot of space to play with, make the most of your small kitchen design with our amazing tips.

Achieving a clean but eclectic look that appears effortless, not contrived, requires skill but there are a few simple design tricks that will help. However, you can recreate a cottage kitchen in a contemporary home – although this style looks best if kept to small homes with low ceilings. In a small kitchen an L shape is ideal as it concentrates all storage and appliances into two sides of the room, leaving the others free and open, so making the overall space seem bigger. Not all climates offer year-round sunshine, but there are certainly enough good days to want to make the most of any outdoor space. Linking a kitchen to the garden lets the entertaining zone spill outdoors. Combine your kitchen with your garden ideas by ensuring there is a table close to the threshold.

  • ‘The use of a palette of different black textures and materials in this kitchen achieves a masterful lightness in the space,’ says Gary Moor, designer atDesignSpace London.
  • The designer unites the two contrasting aesthetics by way of elegant white cabinetry with simple hardware and mouldings.
  • Think plain painted cabinets, with concrete or wooden worktops and stone floors, plus smaller doses of stainless steel, copper or brass.

Showcasing Oleg Klodt’s signature style, this elegant kitchen offers everything the modern classicist would ever need. A wall of faceted metro tiles – an easy upkeep favourite – reflects the light, elevating the look even further. As delectable as the treats it showcases, the kitchen of LA designer Kelly Wearstler capitalises on the designer’s confident design attitude and her ability to upgrade any material beyond its usual status. This kitchen created by deVOL for the founders of House of Hackney features the kitchen brand’s new Dairy Table, a handsome, marble-topped piece inspired by Victorian furniture. Yellow and blue complement each other and look gorgeous in this kitchen.

Work out storage zones

Now that our kitchens are increasingly performing on a multifunctional level, so our kitchen lighting ideas must evolve to cater for dining, relaxing, office or homework and entertaining. There are many backsplash ideas for kitchens that can make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Unexpected materials, such as timber, can be incredibly practical if properly sealed. Here, the backsplash material has been used to line the open shelving above, creating a warm, cohesive look that’s perfect for making a sleek, contemporary design feel more inviting.

kitchen design ideas

The striking chairs, the ladder and the grey peeking through tie all the kitchen decor ideas together and make it look impeccable. With a bit of creativity, even a small room can become functional and cosy. It also allows you to hide away the chairs when they’re not in use. Amy Moorea Wong is a freelance interior design journalist with a decade of experience in contemporary print and digital editorial, previously News Editor at Livingetc.

Kitchen Design tips & ideas

However, you may want to try incorporate breakfast bar seating and storage to ensure it’s still as functional as possible. The white wall tiles are simple, whilst the lower oak kitchen wall cabinets provide an ample storage solution for small kitchens. Creative kitchen ideas run the risk of looking messy and impractical, but this one uses contrasting elements that blend perfectly, the original kitchen design completely reinvents the space and the dining area. The unconventional ceiling brings the rustic element to the table, while the chandeliers and chairs reinforce the practical touches of the room.


They match the dining table and dining chairs without looking monotonous. What really brings the kitchen design idea together are the whimsical ceiling pendant lights. This asymmetrical lighting solution is fun yet subdued and can be used for small or big kitchen ideas. A blush-pink accent pendant ceiling light can be the statement piece to add to your ideal kitchen layout.

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