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That may be a dresser, a sideboard or even a farmhouse kitchen island idea – and you can choose designs that suit your kitchen’s style, they needn’t be traditional. From cabinets and lighting schemes to backsplashes and flooring, these kitchen ideas cover everything you need to think about. Basically a U-shape with an added peninsula, the G-shaped layout can be used in just about any size of kitchen.

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Whether you want to maximise storage or create a statement design, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your small kitchen. To help get you started, our guide below has all the small you need to turn your dream into a reality. Often overlooked, this kitchen feature can be easily replaced, repainted or retiled to create all manner of effects and aesthetics. Choose colourful patterned tiles for a bohemian look, or add a marble finish for a clean minimalist effect, with a natural note.

Kitchen tile ideas to add style and personality to your walls

To counter this predicament, be sure to make the most of any natural light coming into the space when planning a kitchen. Our guide will explore all the key kitchen layout ideas, but first, clue yourself up on the six types of kitchen layouts that will likely form the base of your space… Classic framed, Shaker-style cabinetry with a painted finish remains a popular choice because it tends to create a softer, warmer look than glossy, sharp-edged designs.

  • Envisioning this dream space will help build an image in your mind of what layouts are going to work best for you.
  • With a galley kitchen layout, you benefit from two rows of cabinets, with an area for cooking and washing up.
  • If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that kitchen ideas that promote a feeling of homeliness make us happy.
  • Browse our stunning ranges of timeless and contemporary designs to find a kitchen you love.

The rise of the ‘working kitchen’ has seen an increased demand for multi-functional spaces. Davonport designers say in the last 12 months glass has been used more decoratively and dramatically as splashbacks or backdrops for open shelving. The length of this island allows a variety of different elements to be included, including a sink and ample storage.

Different layout styles to optimise work in the kitchen

Breakfast bars can double as both a preparation and dining space, creating a multifunctional approach to your kitchen design. There are a lot of smart breakfast bar ideas for small kitchens out there, so it is worth doing your research to see if one could be right for you. If you have enough space, consider placing counters on three of your four walls. You’ll benefit from plenty of storage and counter space, as well as under-counter options for your appliances. If space allows, you may be able to integrate a dining area or kitchen island into kitchen too. This warm and edgy kitchen design idea uses colours that compliment its unapologetic style.

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