Kitchen remodel ideas

Its top is elm, aged using Van Dyck Crystals so it looks hundreds of years old. The floorboards are painted with only one coat of Fired Earth’s ‘Burnt Juniper’ eggshell to ensure they gain patina quickly. Alastair Hendy was initially reluctant to view ththe Grade II listed 16th century property. From the beginning, however, the house took a grip on Alastair and, although much had been obliterated, the bones of the house were all original and he was able to see its potential. He bought the house, not realising that it would be the start of a five-year restoration project. After taking a crash course in 16th century building practices, salvaging materials and engaging local craftsmen, Alastair returned it to glory.

  • Stainless steel has a high-end feeling to it that adds a timeless look to any drab looking space.
  • The Kitchen Magic team are qualified professionals and will ensure your replacement doors, drawer fronts, worktops and appliances are fitted to the highest standard.
  • Adding a modern glass extension on to a period house can be a striking way of making a clear distinction between old and new, while still maintaining the integrity of the building fabric.
  • If you’re on a budget, there’s so much you can do with what you’ve got.
  • Mix and match kitchen paint colours with the styles and hues of Worktops, cabinets and kitchen floors.

There are lots of tricks to make the most of a galley kitchen, one of which is to ensure you don’t have wall units on both sides to avoid the dreaded ‘tunnel effect’. The two colors act as perfect companions with white giving the look of serenity while the dark stone adds drama to the kitchen island and the backsplash. ‘My clients eat the majority of their meals there because of its central location and beautiful natural light.

What are the six types of kitchen layout?

In the end, you really don’t need a large space to have a beautiful, functional and welcoming kitchen. The biggest obstacle when remodeling a small kitchen is the lack of space. There’s usually not much you can do to make a space bigger, but you can open it up and make it look bigger and more inviting. The best way to do this is to eliminate large overhead cabinets and switch to open storage. Large cabinets can make a small kitchen feel even smaller and claustrophobic, so they should be among the first things to go.

kitchen remodel ideas

“The kitchen typically gets a lot of foot traffic, so materials, such as bricks, that can withstand wear and tear should be a go-to.” While there are plenty of pantry ideas that suit smaller spaces (a well-stocked cupboard for dried goods will do the trick), homeowners with plenty of square footage take it over the top. Whether it’s a designated area for a coffee bar (some of the best coffee makers can turn your pantry into a bonafide café) or a space for a second dishwasher, today’s largest pantries are certainly extra. Knowing how to create plaster effect walls gives you so much range.

How to create an inspiring childrens bedroom

The kitchen of this minimal Manhattan house designed by Rita Konig is by Patti Seidman of Mullman Seidman Architects. Glass-fronted cabinets reveal a display of glassware and the neutral palette fits with the rest of the modern home. This Arts & Crafts house was given a new lease of life by Ben Pentreath. Ben designed the cabinets, which were made by Symm and painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’.

Opt for open shelving

They’ve made the colour scheme work in a smaller galley space by tying it together with heritage flooring for character and depth. Note the exposed appliances which makes a refreshing change with the silver accessories. Have you ever considered the wood and glass look for kitchen cabinets? Too much use of wood makes it look rustic, so combine it with glass-front cabinets and sleek lines. Using unique design patterns and uncommon kitchen cabinet colors will let your kitchen space stand out of the rest. Dressing up the kitchen cabinets play a vital role in transforming your kitchen looks.

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