Kitchen Remodel Ideas with a High Return on Investment

It’s a luxury, no doubt, but it’s an unexpected twist for the traditional layout. Breaking up the space creates movement and flexibility—multiple zones for entertaining, cooking, and seating—while anchoring the entire space with a sense of balance. “At the end of the day, art must complement and enhance the space ,” says Patrick Maziarski, a lead designer at A1000XBetter. In this larger-than-life kitchen, Maziarski’s goal was to create a space for entertaining , which meant the kitchen required just as much visual interest as the homeowner’s living room ideas. Which is why small kitchen layout ideas all focus on one algorithm. The tried-and-true method for a functional, flowing cooking space is the kitchen triangle rule, which orients the key areas in a task-friendly triangle.

  • For example, you could keep the sink and dishwasher to one area of the kitchen, and cooking spaces to another.
  • “Why does brick flooring work so well in the kitchen? Because it’s so durable!” says the designer Amber Lewis.
  • Compared to other rooms in the house kitchen makeovers can often quickly rack up in price if you don’t keep an eye on the bottom line.
  • If the kitchen really is the heart of the home, it’s also where homeowners are letting their personalities shine.
  • This extra element lifts the space and creates a really interesting way for natural light to travel across it throughout the day, revealing different shadows and interplays.

Talk to us about your budget, and we’ll then guide you through all your options and ideas. One of the only downfalls to our new home was the space for the kitchen table and great room area was too small for our family of seven. A table for eight would not fit in the space as is, and I have been dreaming of having a large island where I can have space to cook, space to entertain, and my kids have room to gather around.

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You can choose just two contrasting colours – making one the dominant colour and using the other one sparingly. It’s predominantly green, but the yellow fridge/freezer and red oven really stand out. If you prefer colour in your kitchen, adding pops of it here and there works well for a minimalist kitchen too. John Beavan made the bright blue kitchen units in Edward Bulmer’s Herefordshire house to the Bulmers’ design. The traditional country kitchen at the Nyetimber manor house has an Aga and complementing units on either side, with the owners’ collection of copper pans hanging along the length of the wall. The table was custom-made and is paired with chairs and a bench bought in Petworth by the owners.

kitchen remodel ideas

Aside from the high-end functionality, they also provide a modern feel to your kitchen decor. Creating your perfect kitchen may be a fun renovation project that includes everything from flooring to backsplashes to appliances. It’s usually a fascinating but complicated procedure with many moving parts; it’s easy to overlook subtleties that can lead to huge issues later on—and possibly cause you to go over budget. Cabinetry that is outdated, dirty floors, a lack of storage, and outdated appliances. If your kitchen sounds like this, remodeling is undoubtedly on your list of wants.

These smaller appliances will free up plenty of counter and floor space, which is far more valuable than a large state-of-the-art oven. As well as looking stylish, metal is a practical solution – it’s extremely hardwearing and boasts antimicrobial properties which makes it a great choice for a working kitchen. And for 2022, metallic surfaces, from handles to worktops and splashbacks, will prove popular in kitchen design. Broken plan will be the layout of choice and statement furniture solutions combined with modular furniture will become the building blocks of the modern kitchen.

This charming corner in this Neptune designed kitchen enhances this space and note the shiplap, anything vertical will elongate and give the illusion of height. Perhaps you could add a light-filled, open-plan kitchen-diner which opens out onto the garden, or a family living space with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Drawbacks of open-plan living are the lack of privacy, noise issues and difficulty to heat large spaces. While broken-plan living is all about using space cleverly and creating zones for different activities, but still offering connectivity too. Cleverly-placed screens, partitions and furniture are used to subtly partition areas off and create zones for cooking, dining or entertaining while still retaining the feel of a spacious open-plan space. Where open-plan has been the preferred layout for kitchens and living spaces over recent years, designers are seeing a move away from this, with ‘broken-plan’ living now the go-to approach.

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This particular Mayfair Neighborhood kitchen felt closed in and uninviting, which the homeowners wanted to change. I learned a lot during this process, let me know what questions you have. You can renew the old wooden tabletop by wiping off the old protective layer and then oil it or varnish it. You can also try to cover the countertop with a different hue, lighter or darker.

From how you work in a kitchen island to being budget savvy with your kitchen remodel, to ways to incorporate kitchen lighting ideas or patio doors, we’ve got all areas covered in this guide to Once you have a plan, you’ll be able to work out the project timescale more accurately and be able to calculate the full costs involved. Opt for full-height wall cabinets that extend to ceiling level, rather than standard-height designs. Taking cabinets higher will mean that there are no dust-gathering gaps above units, for a sleeker look, plus it will give valuable extra inches of cupboard space inside.

‘Many terraced houses feature two rooms at the front which can often be knocked through to create one large living space, this can be a good alternative to a side return, saving you the cost of an extension. The majority of worktop features, especially for breakfast bars, use contrasting materials like wood and quartz composite, with different level thickness. A curved seating area is more sociable (think of a round table vs. a long narrow table),’ Emma Cowburn, Kitchen Designer at Harvey Jones, explains. In modern kitchen design, rounded shapes exude luxury and sophistication.

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