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Buying ex-display or second-hand kitchen cabinets can save you a significant sum. Retailers can offer 50% to 75% off the RRP on ex-display units, according to the Federation of Master Builders , and they will be barely used. ’ If there are difficult decisions to make later on, revisit these priorities and it will help you make the best ones for you.

kitchen remodel

The day rate of a simple labourer will usually be £50 to £60 per day. They are used for all the heavy lifting work, moving materials, and jobs, which do not require a specific skill. The average required time to hire a plumber would be for around 2 to 4 days, depending on the amount of work required.

Kitchen Appliances

When planning a kitchen remodel, building plans or drawings may need to be created. Usually a specialist designer or architect can create these plans; in order to make sure the correct materials, the correct style is used, and you get the results you are wanting. For a medium kitchen (15m²) with a full new cupboard, appliances, and work surfaces completed, if basic quality non smart appliances are used, costs will begin at around £2,500 – £4,000.

This open space is often a direct result of removing walls or creating an extension. So you have decided to have a new kitchen installed, but now you are wondering what style to chose. Well an extremely common style of kitchen in the modern age is an open plan type. However, if you wish to take the ultra modern approach, by installing smart appliances, you must give a little thought to future-proofing. As previously mentioned a kitchen can quickly become outdated and in much need of modernisation.

  • If that’s not the case, you will need to settle on a cabinetry color sooner.
  • Choosing an experienced and skilled kitchen fitter is crucial.
  • There are three main materials, which are used to make kitchen cupboards.
  • For instance, highlighting the upper kitchen cabinets in blue, while the lower cabinets in white create creative space.

Laminated chipboard is by far the cheapest variety and most common style of worktop on the market today. Much like the chipboard used in creating kitchen cupboards it is made up of small particles of wood fused together under heat and pressure, with resins. Chipboard is constructed from small wood particles mixed with epoxy resin, which are pressed together under intense heat and pressure to produce a rigid board. This is the cheapest, most budget friendly material used in the creation of kitchen cupboards. An open plan kitchen is often a space which leads from your dining room directly into the kitchen area.

Do I need planning permission for my kitchen renovation?

While stainless steel appliances match countertops, sinks, cupboards in a striking way, white appliances hide fingerprints and add brightness to any kitchen space. Stainless steel, however, appeals to the young generation and it renders a high-end feeling. There is not a spectrum of doubt that technology is ruling in every sphere of life. The kitchen is one such evolving space where technology is playing a key role. Today, you can enjoy a smart kitchen with revolutionising smart kitchen design concepts taking over the appliances, functionality and designs of the space.

Basic doesn’t mean boring and when it comes to kitchens you can do a lot for a little. With a bit of clever planning you can revamp your kitchen on a small budget. A basic kitchen renovation in the UK is likely to cost in the region of £5,700 – £17,100. Read on to find out what you can get for your money, or view our mid range kitchen renovation or top end kitchen renovation estimates if you are looking for something more.


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