Kitchen Renovation Cost in the United Kingdom

Carcasses tend to be constructed from better quality veneered MDF or birch ply, doors may also be available in the likes of solid timber, plywood and high quality laminate. They’re likely to be available in a greater number of sizes and contain better internal storage solutions. This is also true of moving the entire kitchen to a different room in your property. Depending on the size of the space and planned kitchen design, it will often take around 4 weeks from the planning, purchasing, and hiring stages to the installation, decorations, and completion stages. The actually remodelling of the kitchen can often be performed within a single week, once all the equipment, fixtures, and fittings have been chosen and purchased. The average costs of tiles will begin at around £10 per m² for the tiles alone, and increase to £25 per m² installed.

kitchen remodel cost

The costs of a kitchen can start to add up before you’ve even had a chance to consider your appliances. Kitchen remodeling is a job that requires a knowledgeable contractor, and depending on your choices, cost could vary drastically. If you are planning to remove your kitchen yourself, then you will need to hire a skip which can range from £60 for a mini skip to £300 for a lockable skip. To prolong the lifespan of granite worktops, you need to wash it regularly with soap and water to prevent staining.

Preparing the Space

They provide stylish storage and have an aesthetically pleasing quality when properly installed. The thing is, most homes have unique aspects of their architecture which make it so that no one-size-fits-all option exists for cabinets. Sometimes it’s not a big deal if costs end up being more than you expected. For most homeowners, though, saving money in any way is what the goal tends to be. Following we’ll explore five ways you can add value to your home through a kitchen remodel without breaking the bank. If you’d like to know out more about the different options for paying for renovations and refurbishments, check out our ultimate guide to financing your next home improvement.

  • The price for medium quality begins at around £1,000 and increases to around £2,500.
  • While large good quality kitchens may have labour costs ranging from £720 to £1600.
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  • Whatever your budget will allow, these are the most typical and average price ranges for kitchen appliances of certain levels – only you know what your budget will allow.
  • We’re also on hand to answer your questions directly – visit your nearest showroom,book a design consultation, orcontact us today.
  • With the emergence of under cabinet lights, flexible down lights, and track lightning, working harder to suit your specific kitchen and lifestyle, the options are endless.

Not all shops price there items the same; a fixture costing £50 in one shop may only be £35 in another. Therefore it is always worth looking in a variety of shops before deciding on the item you wish to buy. This is to make sure the space has the correct drainage and ventilation as require by law. With smart self-cleaning cookers being sold, electric ovens and hobs are often available with a much higher number of features. Fridges, freezers, ovens, and dishwashers are just a few of the appliances that will probably be needed in a new kitchen. The difference in that laminated chipboard is that it is then covered in a thin plastic layer, which increases its durability and makes it waterproof.

Good quality units by a local kitchen fitter, quicker and cheaper than you think

Medium-sized kitchens usually have around 10 units and range from £6000 to £17,000, while large fitted kitchens with 15 units or more can cost from £8000 to £20,000. Comparing quotes from kitchen remodelers can give you a good idea of your labour costs and help you with your planning. Also, ask them how your costs will be separated among projects (e.g 20-35% will be labour costs). The same is true of worktops, which can be created from reclaimed materials such as wood or stone, usually for a lot less than those included in the price of a shop-bought kitchen. Mixing and matching materials will also save you money here, so use the most expensive in the most visible spots and go for a complementary but cheaper option in places where it is less noticeable. Second hand kitchens can be a brilliant way to get your hands on a designer, high-quality kitchen for just a fraction of the price it would have been sold for brand new.

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