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The following services may be able to offer you help in the applying for a Grant. It may be useful to use an architect, surveyor or other professional to supervise the work for you. Please note there is no grant-aid available to cover the cost of this service. Following recommendations from Microsoft we are advising our customers to stop using Internet Explorer to access this website. To access the full range of services available on the site, customers should use alternative browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. What information you and your contractors should share with one another.

When working as the only contractor for a domestic client, the contractor takes on the client duties, as well as their own as contractor. However, this should involve them doing no more than they will normally do to comply with health and safety law. The Contractor’s Health and Safety Assessment Scheme can help match pre-qualified contractors with clients. If you’re a contractor looking to become accredited and reach new clients, become an accredited CHAS member today.


Verifying subcontractors, which involves checking whether the subcontractor is registered for CIS and finding out the rate you should deduct from their pay. Unlike employees, itsadoglickbabyworld.com don’t carry out regular work for a single employer. Instead, they work for a number of different clients as and when required. Contractors and the workers under their control are most at risk of injury and ill health from construction work. Contractors therefore have an important role in planning, managing and monitoring their work to ensure any risks are controlled. In such cases the scheme which registered the contractor may arrange for the work to be completed.

Registering a project

Sarah Still is a Marketing Communications Manager at CHAS, UK’s leading provider of risk mitigation, compliance and supply chain management services. With over 15 years of experience at CHAS, Sarah has seen the organisation grow and become the UK’s authority on health and safety compliance, risk mitigation and supply chain management. This Managing radiocaferoma.org training is designed for those who oversee health and safety in their workplace and communicate directly with the contractors hired by the business. It is not designed for general employees of the business, as it’s not their duty to manage the health and safety of contractors. The contractor may also be designated the principal contractor under the CDM regulations to plan, manage and co-ordinate health and safety while construction work is being undertaken.

  • We’re proud to have partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to help spread knowledge of social value further throughout the supply chain.
  • Contractors include sub-contractors, any individual self-employed worker or business that carries out, manages or controls construction work.
  • The Housing Executive is not responsible for inspecting the standard of work of your builder or contractor.
  • In addition to this we provide a national road haulage service and operate port facilities at Mull Commercial Marine Facility.
  • The Contractor’s Health and Safety Assessment Scheme can help match pre-qualified contractors with clients.

Buyers use our platform to quickly find suppliers that will enable them to complete a whole range of projects. We validate all of our members, providing those buyers with a pool of high quality suppliers that they can confidently engage with. This is similar to the role of the construction manager but the trade contracts are placed with the management contractor rather than with the client.

Designing Buildings

Working with a variety of businesses can also be very rewarding and allows contractors to build their skills and experience. With every new project, contractors can build their knowledge, and with more skills under their belt, can move up the pay ladder faster than those in regular employment. Contractors tend to earn a higher rate than employees and have more potential to increase their wage. Completing additional training, or health and safety assessments, and becoming accredited are some of the steps contractors can take to increase their rate and attract more clients.

We bring together 130+ dutchdivas.net to raise the standards of demolition in the UK, ensure safety on demolition sites, promote peer learning, and much more. The National Federation of Demolition Contractors connects you with reputable demolition contractors. We’re driven by high standards and a commitment to continually improve the industry. With tens of thousands of buyers relying on the Constructionline platform to identify construction suppliers, membership is a must.

These organisations have distinguished themselves as being amongst the best providers of private security services in the UK. Our range of over 180 online courses are fully accredited, trusted by more than 2 million learners and ideal for training you and your team. From big projects to the little things that matter, check out what our team have been up to recently. Nestlé required the extension of their existing facility at Buxton to provide additional warehousing and lorry parking. We are a West Midlands based Contractors, Groundwork and Civil Engineering company located in Warwickshire, working both locally and nationally on packages ranging from £100K to £20M.

Book a callback to learn more about our compliance and supply chain risk management services. Every year we present awards to firms that demonstrate significant efforts to minimise noise and disruption on their building projects. The awards recognise contractors who keep their sites safe and clean in consideration of their neighbours and the public. We do so with complete confidence, backed by our rigorous safety measures and accustomed enhanced ways of working. A construction manager may also programme construction to begin before the design is completed.


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