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HMRC may regard someone as self-employed for tax purposes even if they have a different status in employment law. You must check if you should employ the person instead of subcontracting the work. These are often appointed under a traditional contract to construct a development for which the design is complete. This means that a contractor is likely to appoint a range of sub-contractors to build the works for which they have been contracted. Filing monthly CIS returns, which tell HMRC how much you’ve paid your subcontractors.

  • At other times, the use of face coverings is a personal choice but one we would encourage.
  • And with transferrable skills, contractors can often work with a variety of businesses.
  • You are responsible for making sure that you are happy with the standard of work of the builder or contractor you employ.
  • It is part of our objective to promote a high quality and sustainable environment in the city.
  • We encourage you to advise us when projects and actions deserve praise, and also when they do not adhere to the code of good practice.

As a contractor, you’ll deal with both sales invoices, which are invoices that you issue to your clients, and purchase invoices, which are invoices you receive from your subcontractors. A contractor is a person or company that works on a contractual basis, negotiating deals with different clients to work on specific jobs or projects. Where a contractor is the only contractor working on a project, they must ensure a construction phase plan is drawn up before setting up the site.

Design, build and manage contractors

This requires careful planning of information release so that the construction process is not delayed by lack of production information. The term ‘prime contractor’ is often used in central civil government and the defence sector to mean ‘main contractor’.’ . In the UK, there is a specific system for managing contractors and subcontractors that work in construction, which is known as the Construction Industry Scheme or CIS. Under CIS, contractors make deductions from subcontractors’ pay, which then go towards the subcontractors’ tax and National Insurance. Firstly, contractors take on whole projects then hire subcontractors to work on specific aspects of that project. Contractors are therefore involved with bigger-picture tasks and project management, while subcontractors are responsible for specific, specialised tasks assigned by the contractor.


Or, if you’re looking to hire pre-qualified contractors, sign up for a free client membership. While employees are obliged to complete tasks set by their employer, contractors can choose to accept or decline work. If they accept a contract, only then will they be obliged to complete the work. Once a contract is complete, if the client offers more work, the contractor is free to take on the additional work or decline the offer. Many builders and contractors register with a warranted builders’ scheme.

We also offer various construction related services which include Mobile Concrete Solutions, a mobile concrete batching facility, and Skyhook helicopter services. Operated plant hire, aggregates, ready mixed concrete is available on the Isle of Mull. For, adhering to the code improves the reputation of their business, which is an asset when marketing their services. NFDC has been the driving force behind the evolution of our industry since 1941.

We founded The National Demolition Training Group to train demolition operatives that meet our high standards

Cost of living help Grants, vouchers and advice to help you manage the rising cost of living. Certificates of excellence were awarded to Carmelcrest for their projects at Addenbrooke’s hospital, and to Foster Property Maintenance for their project on Brook’s Road. If you’re already a member of the scheme, complete a project registration form.

Choose a demolition contractor without hassle using our directory of accredited members. Find out what you need to know about the standard pre-qualification questionnaire for the construction industry. We have refurbished, converted, repaired and restored all types of buildings – from listed, heritage to luxurious, high-tech contemporary. The Common Assessment Standard is improving efficiency and reducing cost in the construction pre-qualification process.

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Our voluntary Considerate Contractor Scheme asks members to commit to a code of good practice over and above the legal minimum requirements. This ensures that construction work doesn’t make life unpleasant for people who live and work nearby. At other times, the use of face coverings is a personal choice but one we would encourage.

On successful completion of the course you will be sent a quality assured certificate through the post the next working day. This course is also assured by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents through their RoSPA Qualifications Assurance System, as providing up-to-date, quality and content-approved training. Contracts Delivered, Creating client confidence through project and contracts delivery. In addition to this we provide a national road haulage service and operate port facilities at Mull Commercial Marine Facility. Register for technical news and updates on events, training and special offers… Project Dyfi Bridge Find out how our team are helping to combat flash flooding through sustainable building techniques.

Contractual work exists in a number of different industries, but one of the most common industries for is construction. Like contractors, subcontractors work on a freelance, contractual basis. However, there are a few important differences between contractors and subcontractors. To arrange a call with our award team to learn more about The Common Assessment Standard, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. Enter your details, and we’ll email you a risk assessment template that’s both compliant and comprehensive to use. Take the stress and confusion out of creating a risk assessment with our free template.


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