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The greater flexibility of the tax rules for expenses in the business environment of trading through a limited company versus employment context is often an added incentive to choose to contract through a PSC. It is true that degrees such as medicine, law and architecture, are highly recognised in society and are top fields for studying. However, business has grown to be a major part of day to day life; therefore my interest has lied in the core of a field which I believe has more importance than any other courses in today’s world, business management… These clients typically have no wish to take on an employee, so a PSC offers them an alternative method of accessing talented individuals without the burden of employment costs. Contracting with a limited company also mitigates some of the clients’ risk. Some contractors are obliged to set up their business as a limited company because, in many instances, the clients they target only offer contracts to businesses structured in this way.

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  • The top right-hand corner contains a ‘quick enquiry’ drop down which displays a form with four fields that allow visitors to get in touch.
  • My commitment to my subject and my future career is total, and I have the qualities needed to make a very successful undergraduate.
  • My aim is to work with business managers, showing them the newest and most effective organisational and co-ordinating techniques as well as using up-to-date technologies to make a company successful…
  • A director and shareholder of his or her PSC has the opportunity to pay themselves a salary and/or bonus which again would be subject to PAYE and National Insurance Contributions.

In the contracting sector, the generally accepted definition of a personal service company is a limited company that typically has a sole director, the contractor, who owns most or all of the shares. Many contractors find that their clients and agencies prefer to work with limited companies over sole traders. They prefer working with limited companies because hiring a sole trader might mean they’re liable to pay employment benefits like annual leave and sick pay. A personal service company is a limited company that’s been set up by a single contractor to provide services to clients. A personal service company is a limited company set up by a contractor to provide their services to clients.

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So, many contractors don’t have a choice when it comes to setting up a personal service company – they need to or they won’t secure any work. When it comes to IR35 , a personal service company is usually the ‘intermediary’. An intermediary makes arrangements for individual to work for a third party or pay for work done for a third party.

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I am passionate about technology and as a result, have spent a lot of my childhood teaching myself coding… Adolescent years has opened up the bigger picture, you acquire new skills, make important choices and improve dexterity. But it’s the desires and the goals that really drive me as a person, studying business is just one of them… Lack of management can lead to disastrous outcomes, and my home country, Russia, has suffered from these in dramatic proportions for decades. Its business inefficiency has led to people being devastated by unemployment and poverty, including my own family… Most of us can expect to spend many years of our lives working in organisations of various kinds, being managed or managing others.

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