Remodeling a kitchen

Spoilt for choice With over 400 colour and style combinations, we cater to every taste. But the Kitchen Magic difference is that we give you a kitchen makeover in a way that’s much more affordable than a total refit. That means you’ll get our expert advice and an exact quote for how much money it will all be, and you stay in complete control because it’s your kitchen.

kitchen remodel ideas

Clear plastic chairs, floating islands and bar surfaces, backless barstools or glass pendant lights all help to achieve this effect. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, costs will vary depending on the materials you choose. To the point where you can even get ceramic flooring that resembles planks of wood. Why not install narrow cupboards with pull-out shelves into the corners of your kitchen, where you can stack smaller items? This type of shelving is great for keeping smaller items, such as glasses, mugs and cutlery. Open shelves offer an area to showcase your styling capabilities, as well as being a highly practical storage solution.

stylish kitchen ideas

“It allowed us to make the big move of introducing the ferns because there isn’t too much else happening visually,” says Helgerson. Like wearing a see-through blouse, open shelving can be terribly stylish—even so, it’s not for the everyday kitchen. Deft styling can make it all look effortless, but a single misplaced dish can make it look disheveled.

  • They will have drawers and cupboard hinges that close smoothly, and cabinet doors, drawers and shelves that can withstand heavy use.
  • A big kitchen is usually a part of the living room, so that families can enjoy much time with their guests, and have a more private and home-like experience.
  • Old stools teamed with a row of stylish pendant lights can be used to create an edgy breakfast bar.
  • The key is to get the balance of an island right with the rest of the remodel.

You can’t stop the messes and spitting, but you can keep them from ruining your lovely white kitchen, the subway tile on the rear wall, or the wood paneling. A tile backsplash is ideally situated to prevent moisture and filth from wreaking havoc on your brand-new kitchen. These structures can be made ahead of time or used as a last-minute cooking option. Removable tile backsplashes can be made possible by innovative kitchen solutions and interior ideas.

Opt for a single sink

A L-shaped kitchen is just that, providing two sides of worksurface, while an U-shaped kitchen adds a third length to it. An island kitchen can be any of the above with that all-important island in the middle, often used as a place for the cooker so that the space is more sociable. Finally, a peninsula kitchen incorporates an island of sorts, but one that juts out from a length of units and is attached to those. As I’ve mentioned before, I am transitioning our home to a neutral and white palette with touches of gold, blue and pink. Since the formal living room, kitchen, and a great room are all connected and open to each other, I wanted the main rooms in our home to have a cohesive look. We painted the entire bottom floor of our home in Sherwin-Williams Dover White.

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