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Renovation Insurance Brokers is the market leader in renovation insurance, helping hundreds of clients, brokers, project managers and architects place the right insurance for large renovations. The Show has a timetable packed full of informative and impartial talks, to help inspire your homebuilding plans. Alongside 200+ exhibitors within the NSBRC’s ‘Trade Village’, the ‘Professional Services Hub’ is the place to go for independent, expert advice from a range of specialists. You’ll find a number of Architects and Designers, as well as experts on Planning, Project Management, Site Safety, Landscaping and more.

This is as opposed to ‘retrofitting’ which is providing something with a component or feature not originally fitted, or ‘refurbishment’ which is a process of improvement by cleaning, decorating, or re-equipping. This needs to be removed from the glass before the glass is used to serve the customer with a quality drink. Do you know someone knee-deep in renovations with no insurance? Tell them about us and we’ll treat you to a £50 voucher of your choice via GiftPay, if they take out a policy with us. Renovation Plan is a market-leading insurance scheme that has provided peace of mind for thousands of clients over the years. JCT Insurance, also commonly known as Non-negligence insurance provides cover for loss or damage to neighbouring properties where negligence cannot be proven.

Whether you are planning a, alteration, demolition, new build or extension, make sure your project is insured with one of our three levels of cover. This first phase concluded with key recommendations that national renovation strategies should focus on facilitating action at a local and city level. BUILD UPON2 is advancing on this by engaging with European cities to design and facilitate local action to implement national building renovation strategies.

  • You’ll need a property that will work for you once your renovation has been completed, but also one that will hopefully see you make a profit when you do eventually come to sell it.
  • If you’re thinking about buying a property through awe’ll talk you through the basics.
  • A renovation project can offer scope to maximise potential in an existing home, but we often think in terms of floorspace, with the space above often overlooked.

A research project which surveyed over 4000 UK residents to find out which aspects of a home affect our wellbeing. Through this study, we identified six key qualities which shape day to day happiness. On the whole, DIY is best suited to those final touches, such as decorating and landscaping your garden. If you do feel like you’re quite handy with a power tool, make sure you think long and hard about which parts of your project you take on. Perhaps bad weather causes delays, your materials get stuck in customs, or maybe you get caught in a global pandemic and new safety measures have to be put in place.

Budget and finance

Planning permission is required from your Local Authority if you are extending or altering the property and this requires formal planning permission. For example, if either EPC rating improves from E to C after the works to the property are completed, a discount of 0.50% will be available on the whole of the mortgage, for the duration of the loan. The discounts are deducted from our Variable Rate (currently 4.49% – the overall cost for comparison is 4.60% APRC). The Financial Conduct Authority has laid down detailed rules about the service we must offer on regulated residential mortgages.


Outline permission means the local planning department are aware of proposed work to a property and have agreed to it in principle ahead of more detailed plans being submitted. If you’re on the same page as us and you like the idea of renovating a home that’s going to enhance your life, then we’d love to invite you onto the next opening of our renovation online course. We share the exact steps with renovators in our free Survivor’s Guide to Renovating. This is arguably one of the most stressful steps to renovate a house. You’ve got all your plans lined up, you just need to get approval and the right team to execute it for you.

How I renovated my Victorian flat to give it an airy, minimalist feel

The Land Registry holds records of all land in England and Wales, but your local authority could also be a good place to glean more information about your property, too. When renovating a house, you’ll require a clear schedule of works. How much your property renovation will cost depends on a whole multitude of factors. As part of the planning phase, you should consider work you want to do yourself and what you’ll outsource to contractors and professionals. You will almost certainly need building regulations approval for any structural work or electrical installation. Buying a property only to later be denied planning consent is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the European Union. As 90% of the buildings that exist today will still stand in 2050, renovation of the existing building stock is key to achieving the decarbonisation goals. This ‘must-attend’ event is the perfect opportunity for you to be inspired, gather information and talk to genuine experts who will be delighted to help answer your questions and offer advice. If you are considering a new build, renovating a tired property or simply looking to create new space then we will have talks, tours and advice tailored to you.

I was planning to purchase an unmodernised property and so wanted plans done fast before making n offer and spending too much. Hutch was incredibly fast, they visited the flat within 48 hours and had some ideas the very next day! Was so impressed that I had them manage the entire project too.


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