The Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

For dark furniture, it is recommended to choose a slightly lighter colour so that the arrangement does not overwhelm. Fashionable combinations of dark colours are good for interiors with large windows. In such a kitchen, you can even choose black walls or other very intense colours. In the case of an open kitchen, the most important thing is that the selected colours should create a coherent whole with the living area. They can be put together based on contrasts, but only those that complement each other. Whether you are planning on selling your house, or are seeking to expand on your existing living space, a is a great investment for your property.

kitchen remodel

Today’s kitchens offer open floor plans that allow a flow between prep and entertaining areas. With a brand new kitchen design, you will be able to create the spacious and functional kitchen that you have always wanted. Homeowners are mostly interested in choosing neutral kitchen appliances, including stainless steel, black and white options.

When remodelling a kitchen it does give you ample opportunity to think about the layout and adding a kitchen island can bring another dimension to the space. The key is to get the balance of an island right with the rest of the remodel. If space is at a premium incorporate a small dining island onto the end of an existing run of worktops at a lower height so that you can place dining chairs under it.

What flooring options do I have?

I also wanted something with a curvy shape for an overall elegant feel. I found this white porcelain arabesque lantern backsplash at Triton and it’s perfect. Once I described what I was looking for they searched for me and presented me with several options. This was a huge gift of time for a busy mom, and as you can see the tile is absolutely perfect and it is a show stopper.

Stone is perfect for finishing surfaces that we want to protect against dirt and moisture. Marble, granite, but also ordinary concrete or travertine will work on the kitchen wall. We can show you examples of kitchens we have completed & can then supply a quotation. Depending on the type of project, we may need to involve an architect. We have different architects who specialise in different types of extensions, and can create visuals of how your new kitchen would look. Our partner gave proposals to the customer to integrate windows in that wall between the living room and the kitchen but we agree that the solution taken was the best .

  • If you have a slightly bigger budget to work with, why not read our mid-range kitchen renovations and high-end kitchen renovations.
  • You’ll find easy recipes, along with tips and trends centered around home design, DIY projects, entertaining, holidays, and travel.
  • Incorporating all the appliances required in your household is crucial when you’re remodeling.
  • A Kitchen Fitter is usually the first choice when remodelling a kitchen.

Choosing the right material for kitchen worktops depend upon factors like the type of the material and its pros and cons. The common work surface material options for kitchen include granite, marble, laminate, stone, wood, composite material and so on. Quartz kitchen worktops are fuss-free, man-made composites that ensure durability and easy maintenance. Natural stones, such as granite and marble serve as amazing looking kitchen worktops known for their ethereal appeal. As opposed to these natural and man-made composites, laminates are much cheaper.

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This can be difficult depending on your budget; however, there is no perfect way to go about this other than extensive research into the available appliances and possible future advancements. Lights and other electrical devices will require an electrician to install, and the sink and taps will require a plumber to fit them. The oven and hobs are just as important as the sink and taps; however most ovens and hobs will be able to be fitted by a qualified gas plumber or electrician in just a single day. The construction stage will vary drastically depending on your chosen style of kitchen. Firstly, if there is already an old kitchen in place, the site will need to be cleared.

Know how much a new kitchen costs

Ideally, it should be close to the sink and a total “free” length of at least 3m, ideally more. U-shaped kitchen is super convenient but of course, you need to have enough space. To help with this, in the initial stages you should build a lookbook of designs that you like. This will mean collecting images found on the internet, in magazines and catalogues and bringing them together into one cohesive collection of elements.


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