The BUILD UPON2 Project

Don’t believe the Homes Under the Hammer promise that you’ll get the perfect 3 bed reno complete in under £50,000. Unless you’re a contractor doing the work yourself and paying only for materials. Negotiate remedial work off the original asking price – we brought our original offer down by £23,500 simply by obtaining a full building survey and estimates for the work. That was a tidy sum we put back into the maintenance of the building.


Most conifers do not respond well to renovation, as they do not re-shoot from old wood. If they have become overgrown, then a method for partial renovation is given below. Many hedges respond well to renovation, including beech, box, hawthorn, holly, hornbeam, Lonicera nitida and yew. These can all be reduced by as much as 50 percent in height and width in a single cut.


APRC shows you, as a percentage, the annual cost of a secured loan or mortgage. It brings together all charges , calculated as if you kept your secured loan or mortgage for the full term without changing it. Energy efficient hotelsaintpaulrome.coms rewarded through our C-Change discounts from 0.25% to 1.50%. Get the latest news, reviews and product advice straight to your inbox. Renovation projects can often throw up some very interesting challenges — and are particularly notorious for the awkward layouts and room shapes they present their owners with.

  • APRC shows you, as a percentage, the annual cost of a secured loan or mortgage.
  • Carefully preparing for renovation before starting is crucial terms of estimating the likely cost and programme and ultimately delivering a successful, problem-free project.
  • With your home’s market value at risk, you want to ensure you are gaining full coverage for your existing home and the building works project, with peace of mind there are no gaps in coverage – this is what we provide.
  • When renovating your home, make sure you keep a checklist of all the small things that make a house functional.

Professional fees such as project managers, structural engineers, architects, and so on. Online search engines are the easiest way of finding suitable properties, although it should be borne in mind that agents may not be aware of the true potential of some properties.

How I renovated my Victorian flat to give it an airy, minimalist feel

Renovating should be exciting, but unfortunately it doesn’t always go to plan. We specialise in protecting renovations, restorations, extensions, conversions, self-builds and new-builds, so with our tailored insurance you’ll have the support you need from a partner you trust. Head to ourblog to find out more about high value renovation projects, for an informative look at the renovation insurance sector and for an outline of key areas of consideration for those involved in the process. We’re the UK’s largest architectural service for everyday homeowners. We provide home surveys, planning drawings, planning submission and building regulations. We reward borrowers whose properties are energy efficient with our C-Change discounts off our Variable Rate which helps them save money on their mortgage.

These often also cover adding extensions within certain limits – which depend on what type of property you have – while you can also build a garage, replace windows and doors, pave your driveway and put up gates and walls. There may be conditions or limitations attached though, while you need to ensure you comply with party wall agreements, so it’s obviously worth checking what you plan to do before commencing work. If it’s not, you’ll need to add in the cost of paying the mortgage and living somewhere else while the work’s carried out. Rental costs can be high, while you’ll also need to agree a short-term contract if you start a new rental agreement.

So, not only can you enjoy reduced energy bills while shrinking your carbon footprint, you can get a lower rate on your mortgage, too. In this project, a rolltop bath and small vanity unit have been placed in the low sections of the room. So, before you start any work, you’ll need to establish, with your builder or contractor, how they are going to get large machinery on to the site of your property. Period features can often add value to a property, so if you’re thinking of selling in the near future, you might wish to keep or refurbish things like ornate fireplaces, tiled floors or decorative mouldings. So, it’s always worth factoring in just how old a property is before considering buying it to renovate. Your builder should honour any snagging issues and return to rectify them after the house has settled for a few weeks or months at no extra cost.


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