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What will not be so easy to find, however, will be a definition of exactly what this term – which appears to be central to the determination of tax liability, most particularly to IR35 – means. HMRC created the term personal service company (although note it isn’t a legally defined business category) alongside the IR35 legislation launched in April 2021. You can, though, have personal services companies established as a collective trading arm for several consultants or contractors. As announced in the Autumn 2016 budget, from the 6th April 2017, the way that IR35 status is classified for public sector contractors will be changing.

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  • The greater flexibility of the tax rules for expenses in the business environment of trading through a limited company versus employment context is often an added incentive to choose to contract through a PSC.
  • Learn more about these steps and how to register a limited company in our specialist guide.

An MSC and PSC are subject to different regulations by HMRC and are suited to different types of business structures. The PSC will pay Corporation Tax on any profits and the PSC director can pay themselves tax-efficiently with a combination of salary and dividends. Usually this combination results in a lower tax bill and higher take-home pay for the company director when compared to direct employment or sole trade. Comprehensive accounting software and support for established limited companies. What we do – Cost-effective online accounting software and service, saving you time and money on your accounting.

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We’ve helped thousands of talented professionals set up and manage their PSC/limited companies over the years. With that in mind, care needs to be taken by a PSC director in examining the nature of every assignment being considered to clarify the working relationship between the PSC and the contracting agency dietforasmallplanet.com or end client. The balance of the individual’s reward is taken in the form of company dividends. Because dividends are taxed at a lower rate than salary and are not subject to National Insurance Contributions, it is a commonly used and perfectly legal way in which to reduce your personal tax liabilities.

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Many contractors who work through personal service companies or limited companies will appoint an accountant who specialises in the contractor market to help them with their tax and finances. An accountant will take care of your business and personal taxation needs and will provide ongoing tax advice sougolink-beef.net and help ensure that you are contracting in the most tax efficient way possible. This means that if you do consider your limited company to be a personal service company, you will need to be fully aware of IR35 and make sure all contracts you undertake are reviewed for their IR35 status.

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The individual providing the services is also an owner/director of the limited company. Professionals from many backgrounds have been using their own limited companies to better provide radiocaferoma.org services for their clients for over a century. However, with the introduction of IR35 in 2000, HMRC decided that this was no longer an acceptable business model in every case.

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