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What is a personal service company PSC?

Also, logic and objectivity is needed as everything has a set order and method... I have a firm belief that the secrets of the modern society are based on basic practical, logical and lateral principles. From barter systems to modern day stock markets

Also, logic and objectivity is needed as everything has a set order and method… I have a firm belief that the secrets of the modern society are based on basic practical, logical and lateral principles. From barter systems to modern day stock markets all are based on the basic principles and such business has had huge impact in the growing of the society… Exposure to my parents’ restaurant businesses from an early age has given me an insight to the everyday running of the business.

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By using a contractor’s limited company in a contract for services clients are avoiding the employer-employee work structure. HMRC introduced IR35, or ‘off-payroll working’ rules, to clamp down on contractors who work in the same way as employees but operate through personal service companies for tax purposes. A contractor with a personal service company can work in any industry, but they usually offer professional services in areas like IT, marketing or engineering. Personal service companies are limited companies that are usually set up to provide the services of one contractor. Imagery is another way of differentiating between business and personal services. If used in conjunction with good content, the two can help attract the correct users to the right business areas before correctly communicating the message a client wants to hear in order for them to instigate communication with the firm.


Information technology ever changing in our business society and I desire to be a part of this changing process. For inspiration on how to write your own unique statement, take a look at some of our business personal statement examples above, which will help you with how to structure it and what to include. From a young age I have enjoyed and excelled at mathematics, so when I discovered the job of accountants within businesses I knew this would be the perfect role for me.

  • Rather than deciding yourself whether or not your contract falls inside IR35, the decision will be made by the public sector body who must inform any 3rd party that pays you.
  • Their fixed-fee premier accountancy service includes a direct line to your own dedicated accountant who you can contact as many times as you wish at no extra cost.
  • For me, Business Studies has proved to be a fascinating subject, one that offers unlimited professional opportunities…
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  • Some contractors choose to operate as a limited company, even when there’s only one contractor in the company.

We have no hidden fees, no limitations and no trials, but a wide range of accounting software features that help you easily manage your business. If you need more information, you can talk to our expert online accountants, payroll experts and even VAT specialists. HMRC describe a personal service company in the context of IR35 rules as being an ‘intermediary’. An intermediary is usually a contractor’s personal service company , but could also be a partnership or an individual. HMRC has designed the IR35 legislation to make sure that contractors working through their personal service company aren’t working as ‘disguised’ employees.

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You could say it is in my blood and I have certainly absorbed the interest and fascination of how business and commerce works… Since moving on to further education I have always shown a keen interest in Business studies, studying a wide variety on the subject during my A Levels. This has helped feed my enthusiasm and dedication towards the subject grow stronger and gradually has made me want to study it in more depth… After graduated from the college, I plan to go onto postgraduate studies and work on an MBA.

It can also be the case that a sale to a new owner may be easier to effect if the business ownership is clearly defined via a simple shareholding structure. Passing on ownership of a business can be simpler when it is a matter of transferring shares. In family-owned enterprises this can assist issues of succession as well as enabling the value of the business to be spread as appropriate amongst family members. The design and construction industries are sectors where the use of PSCs is widespread and for this reason attract significant attention form HMRC. Another good feature of the Farleys website is the live chat facility which allows visitors to get in touch and receive an instant response.

A limited company will also have shareholders or guarantors, although it’s normally yourself in the case of a PSC. As mentioned briefly above, many clients will prefer to work with those who provide their services through a PSC rather than sole traders. Not only does a Personal Service Company appear more professional and therefore a more attractive prospect to clients, but a PSC also tends to garner more respect from clients due to this more formal offering. A Personal Service Company is a limited company which predominantly provides the services of an individual, or small group of individuals.