What you must do as a Construction Industry Scheme CIS contractor

Have your say – Coleridge rec ground We plan to install new fitness equipment for the local community to use. A certificate of excellence was awarded to Barnes Construction for Trinity Hall’s Wong Avery Music Gallery. Another was given to 8Build for a new residential and commercial space at 58 Chesterton Road. The final certificate of excellence was awarded to Cocksedge Building Contractors for Clare College’s new accommodation buildings. Following a complaint about a site, we will normally discuss the matter with the site manager to try to resolve the problem. If they don’t deal with the complaint in a satisfactory manner, we will refer it to the construction company’s head office.


Through our high standards and quality training, we are focussed on driving the future of demolition. Established in 1929 Collins Contractors Ltd provide a comprehensive range of prestigious internal and external building refurbishments. There’s a special scheme for self-employed contractors and sub-contractors working in the construction industry called the Construction Industry Scheme . If someone is self-employed, they do not have the rights and responsibilities of an employee or the rights and responsibilities of a worker. You can check someone’s employment status online to see if a worker should be classed as employed or self-employed. When you pay subcontractors, you’ll usually need to make deductions from their payments and pay the money to HMRC.

McCoy Contractors welcomes Mark Mortiboy as Earthworks Manager

To generate your CHAS Elite quote, please start itsadoglickbabyworld.com by telling us how many employees you have.

  • Build UK Trade Association members adopting the Common Assessment Standard as part of their membership audit process.
  • ‘Hirers rightly hesitating over hiring plans’ brought IT contractor demand to a more ‘normal’ level in July.
  • Another was given to 8Build for a new residential and commercial space at 58 Chesterton Road.
  • The Common Assessment Standard is improving efficiency and reducing cost in the construction pre-qualification process.

It’s not affiliated with the national Considerate Constructors Scheme – it’s therefore possible to register a project with both schemes. We manage the prequalification process on behalf of buyers, validating all members against PAS91 criteria and beyond. All accreditations are easily visible and searchable on the platform, so you can quickly and confidently select construction partners that meet your needs. In using the Constructionline platform you’ll simplify your search, validation and purchasing decision process, improving your efficiency whilst remaining compliant. Our enterprise risk management solution for the construction industry.

When working as the only contractor for a domestic client, the contractor takes on the client duties, as well as their own as contractor. However, this should involve them doing no more than they will normally do to comply with health and safety law. The Contractor’s Health and Safety Assessment Scheme can help match pre-qualified contractors with clients. If you’re a contractor looking to become accredited and reach new clients, become an accredited CHAS member today.

Internal Refurbishment

Have your say – Council Tax Reduction scheme review We are reviewing the scheme for working-age people. Members of the scheme should display Cambridge City Council Considerate Contractor signs at their work locations. They are also required to display contact details in prominent locations. We don’t have enforcement powers, but we work closely with the local highways authority and other statutory enforcement bodies. This helps us provide a co-ordinated response to complaints as far as possible.

However, this apparently simple relationship is complicated by the fact that contractors tend not to have all the trades required to construct a building in their direct employment. By law, any business that hires contractors to work on their premises becomes responsible for their health and safety. If you are in charge of managing health and safety in your workplace, this applies to you.

Standard of work

We bring together 130+ dutchdivas.net to raise the standards of demolition in the UK, ensure safety on demolition sites, promote peer learning, and much more. The National Federation of Demolition Contractors connects you with reputable demolition contractors. We’re driven by high standards and a commitment to continually improve the industry. With tens of thousands of buyers relying on the Constructionline platform to identify construction suppliers, membership is a must.

Buyers use our platform to quickly find suppliers that will enable them to complete a whole range of projects. We validate all of our members, providing those buyers with a pool of high quality suppliers radiocaferoma.org that they can confidently engage with. This is similar to the role of the construction manager but the trade contracts are placed with the management contractor rather than with the client.

Working with a variety of businesses can also be very rewarding and allows contractors to build their skills and experience. With every new project, contractors can build their knowledge, and with more skills under their belt, can move up the pay ladder faster than those in regular employment. Contractors tend to earn a higher rate than employees and have more potential to increase their wage. Completing additional training, or health and safety assessments, and becoming accredited are some of the steps contractors can take to increase their rate and attract more clients.


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